2020 | Lesotho, United States, Bulgaria | Documentary,Short

From Trash to Treasure: turning negatives into positives

  • English English, Arabic, Spanish, French 25 mins
  • Director | Iara Lee
  • Writer | Iara
  • Producer | Iara Lee

This film is currently not available.   

In Lesotho—a highland country surrounded by South Africa—an artist named Nthabiseng TeReo Mohanela takes discarded materials and transforms them into unique clothing and accessories. Teaching young people the benefits of recycling and re-creation, she calls her project “From Trash to Treasure.” With TeReo’s work as a starting point, this short film showcases a broader spirit of reimagination among artists in Lesotho, who use creativity to respond to entrenched social problems. Filmmakers show the need to end child marriage. Musicians write songs about climate change. Farmers collect seeds to protect endangered tree species. Designers use fashion to preserve traditional Basotho culture and challenge common perceptions of Africa. Profiling a variety of these innovators, FROM TRASH TO TREASURE: turning negatives into positives encourages us to take lessons from those who rethink, reuse, and reinvent in order to promote positive change.

Lesotho artivism recycle reuse reinvent