2009 | Turkey | Fiction,Short

Forget Me Not

  • 15 mins
  • Director | Pelin Aytemiz
  • Writer | Pelin Aytemiz
  • Producer | Pelin Aytemiz, Barış Özbiçer, Barış Ulus

This film is currently not available.   

Photograph seems like a " mirror with memory". Yet what happens if herself never coincides with her image...

'Forget Me Not” is a short story about a puppet-like girl, Leyla Çiftçıkmaz who is obsessed with taking photographs of herself and an old-wise antique shop owner, Koper Kırıkkanat who is collecting old dispossessed photographs. Everytime Leyla takes a Polaroid photo of herself, she encounters portraits of strangers! Fortunately antique shop owner knows by heart one of the strangers she sees in her self portraits. “Forget Me Not” seeks theme of death in old Photographs. Mostly inspired by the French philosopher Roland Barthes’s famous book Camera Lucida, the film seeks to be like a visual poem narrating the mental journeys of the characters.

memento-mori pose death aura ephemera collecting poetry photography camera memory collector polaroid archive family album