2014 | United States | Experimental

Flight of a Small Northern Cloudyspot

  • 4 mins
  • Director | Dennis Hlynsky

This film is currently not available.   

When first asking for the identification I was informed moths land with the wings flat and butterflies upright. The creature has now been identified (possibly) as a cloudyspot better known as skippers and is in the butterfly family.

Working with the Edgertronic camera from the RISD Edna Lawrence Nature Lab. The recording was made at Blythwold Gardents in Bristol RI. 

This clip has been processed three ways. The original recording is shot at 1/6000 of a second at a frame rate of 1000 samples per second. The first flight off the flower approximates real time, the second employes echo and reflects the slow motion of 1000 samples per second played back at 30. The last section (bluish) is keyed then time blended to accentuate the pattern the silhouette creates when the moth is in flight.

moth wings butterflies creature flight