2016 | Spain | Fiction,Short

Eclipse (by Santi Planet)

  • Spanish Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan 10 mins
  • Director | Santi Planet
  • Writer | Santi Planet
  • Producer | Santi Planet, Mónica Moreno, Íñigo Pérez, Laura Sánchez, Manel Torquet

STATUS: Released


This film is currently not available.   

The event of the century is about to happen, a spectacular total solar eclipse. A girl is going to witness it with her grandmother, but she will have to confront her fear of darkness to truly enjoy the moment when it turns into night in the middle of the day. However, when that happens, both will come to understand that sometimes the mind can also be eclipsed by a reality that has the power to erase all its memories.

Eclipse Alzheimer Family