2020 | France | Documentary,Experimental,Short,Archival

Earth's Answer (La Réponse de La Terre)

  • French, English 20 mins
  • Director | Giulia Grossmann
  • Writer | Alice Barbaza & Giulia Grossmann
  • Producer | Giulia Grossmann

This film is currently not available.   

Wandering between the scientific and the psychedelic, "Earth's Answer" is a reflection on the meaning of images, their nature and durability (and a homage to the poem "Earth's Answer" by William Blake). 
We follow the thread of the thoughts of a man who could be just well an astrophysicist, CERN archivist or a musician. In his mental and sensorially graphic journey, the narrator leads us in a reflection on the infinitely large and the infinitely small, memory and machines, entropy .. and worlds in formation...

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