2021 | UK | Documentary,Experimental,Short

Earth Swimmers

  • English English 23 mins
  • Director | Hermione Spriggs
  • Writer | Hermione Spriggs, Nigel Stock
  • Producer | Hermione Spriggs

This film is currently not available.   

Earth Swimmers, Hermione Spriggs with Nigel Stock, 2021, 23 mins. 

Earth Swimmers attends to the tricks and techniques that mole catchers use to access the underground world of the mole. Using tools as portals into the mole's vibratory world, probes, feet, noses and rain-making instruments lead the viewer into alternative ways of sensing and knowing the earth.

Made collaboratively by artist Hermione Spriggs and professional molecatcher Nigel Stock, with sound art by Jez riley French.  

moles vibration land