2007 | austria | Experimental,Short


  • no dialogue nn 13 mins
  • Director | Barbara Doser
  • Writer | Barbara Doser
  • Producer | Barbara Doser

This film is currently not available.   

Dreaming means looking beyond the horizon, at a point which is endlessly distant. A poetic circumscription of technoid video feedback processes that generate dream images in this way? dream´sdreams experimentally outlines dream sequences from video feedback material and Möbius sounds. An abstract visual torrent of streaming lines and waves move through acoustic spaces at the event horizon of time, taking the viewer beyond the horizon to dream dream’sdreams.
The enormous spectrum of interfering image and sound frequencies turns the resulting undifferentiated synchronicity and asynchronicity into an immersive strategy. It is not possible to select from the successive concentration of inductions. So, at the moment of immersion, it is chance that determines perception/dreaming.

Output material is a black-and-white video (feedback, 1:55 min), generated with a video camera pointing at the image boundary of a monitor that the camera is connected to at the same time. By “gazing beyond the horizon … towards an infinitely distant point”, a process of feedback is set in operation, where the image boundary of the monitor becomes the event horizon.
Through the replication of details, the reduction of image content to its contour lines (coding via synchronous multiplication of image information), the alteration of direction of movement of the image stream; through animation (repeated replication of a video monitor with varying vertical image frequencies), the bisection of image information (separation of the upper picture-half from the lower picture-half), or through the overlay of horizontal and vertical image streams, sequences evolve which ultimately become established like dreams during a period of sleep.

The output materials are Moebius sounds. From a single sound track two tracks are generated which run one against the other – this means that one track runs backwards and inverted towards the other, so that the sound being played forwards and backwards sounds identical and the beginning is simultaneously the end. Units of sound are created on the temporal event horizon that correspond to the spatial principle of the Moebius strip (where the upper and lower sides are identical).
In the experimental composition of dreams’sdreams, loops of Moebius sounds are played in parallel at different frequencies. Their interferences create rhythms of entwined sounds that characterise themselves as elements of a dream and continually re-emerge and disappear. The parallel sound strata are not aligned with respect to their tone colour. They remain raw and noises are created which stimulate access to harmonics and adjacency to the flood of images in dreams.

(Barbara Doser & Hofstetter Kurt)

abstract film synesthesia hypnotic feed back