2018 | United States | Fiction

Don’t Forget to Breathe

  • English 15 mins
  • Director | Yvette P. Joseph
  • Writer | Yvette P. Joseph
  • Producer | Nadhege Ptah, Michele Baldwin


In reminiscent of science fiction anthologies, Don’t Forget to Breathe takes you on a journey of the human mind and the choices that we make when the stakes are high.

Christine and John are two dedicated research scientists at Hillside pharmaceuticals. A testing facility where curses and cures are created.

They’re preparing to present their project to the board of directors in hopes of receiving additional funding when suddenly the facility goes into total lockdown due to a harmful agent released into the air ducts by a fellow scientist. The airborne agent will cause accelerated Alzheimer's and rapid deterioration of their brain's activity.

Christine and John delay their escape in the attempts to take away valuable information and risk losing their most valuable possession. Remember one simple thing will determine their survival.

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