2021 | Netherlands | Data Visualization


  • 11 mins
  • Director | Roel Wouters, Alexandra Barancova, Jae Perris, Luna Maurer

This film is currently not available.   

A playful virtual reality piece whose protagonists are your own arms: first in control, then not, illustrate the commodification of movement.

Your arms at first don't complain. Many have had it tougher, they feel, condemned to a life of heavy lifting. ‘Life is so repetitive,' they sigh. ‘If only we could make copies, that could act on our own behalf’. Your arms multiply, start fooling around ‘in flawless synchrony’, until the day comes that they realise they miss touch. Then comes the unexpected... This playful work highlights the importance of movement: its intimacy as well as its capacity to carry our self-expression and identity. And demonstrates how the digitalising of movement brings about the possibility of exploitation.