2015 | Germany | Documentary,Fiction,Experimental,Short

Die Versteinerten (Fossilized)

  • English 8 mins
  • Director | Esteban Rivera Ariza
  • Writer | Esteban Rivera Ariza
  • Producer | Esteban Rivera Ariza

This film is currently not available.   

An interview with David Stodolsky, member of the Cryonics Institute describe the cryonic procedure and the ideas of preserving bodies for thousands of years in the future, he guides us through the Building-Monument built over the previous house of Walter Gropius in Dessau, Germany. Renovated by Bruno Fioretti Marquez Architects in 2008, the construction reproduces the original volume of Gropius' house. In the film, the house works as a metaphor of what is fossilized. The idea of Modernism remains in this case in a fossil state, and survives in time as a trace of what once was. 

cryonics future architecture death fossil
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