2020 | USA | Animation,Short,Series

Did The Universe Have To Be The Way That It Is?

  • English 5 mins
  • Director | Emily V. Driscoll
  • Writer | Emily V. Driscoll, Jared Kaplan
  • Producer | Emily V. Driscoll

This film is currently not available.   

A Spacetime Trilogy with Jared Kaplan is a series of three short films that ponder complex and deceptively simple questions about the formation and laws of our universe. Guided by host and theoretical physicist Jared Kaplan, and employing a distinct blend of scientific, metaphoric, and whimsical animations, the videos consider and sometimes question our understanding of basic principles of the universe.  

In “Did the Universe have to be the way that it is?” Kaplan explores what would happen to our Universe if the laws of physics were a little different – like if gravity were much weaker, or if we removed the strong force, or even if we lived in a 2D or 4D world. Animation inspired by ‘The Little Prince” helps to visualize the ideas

physics universe cosmos gravity laws of physics space