2017 | Canada | Animation,Experimental,Short


  • 5 mins
  • Director | Timothy Barron Tracey
  • Writer | Timothy Barron Tracey
  • Producer | Timothy Barron Tracey

This film is currently not available.   

"DataMine" is a stop-motion indictment of surveillance society; laboriously animated by hand with light painting to create surreal imagery without the use of computer generated images.
Society embraces an ever-increasing connection to technology, creating digital communities that distract us from our real world existence. As our lives exist more and more in the digital realm, they are catalogued and stored for future mining by corporations and governments. This activity of data mining raises many questions regarding the future of activism and creativity - that which makes us human. In the intricate world of "DataMine," the oblivious masses are catalogued and scrutinized. The operation spirals out of control, until one of the Scrutinizers is forced to make a choice.

Activism+Protest Environment Society
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