2021 | Mexico | Fiction,Feature

Dark Light Voyage

  • 66 mins
  • Director | Tin Dirdamal, Eva Cadena
  • Writer | Tin Dirdamal, Christina Haglund
  • Producer | Christina Haglund, Tin Dirdamal, Julio Chavezmontes, Maryam Najafi

This film is currently not available.   

Finding out that a friend of his—with whom he lost contact 12 years before—is in a psychiatric hospital after killing a lady, the filmmaker begins a 1,700-kilometer journey by train—from North to South Vietnam— because he feels the need to keep on moving in order to find some clarity and answers together with his daughter who narrates the film. Immersed in the train, Dirdamal’s camera watches people in transit and this interval unveils their intimacy as if it were completely in the open. The film is also a glance to a country marked by a war, as in the stop at the former North-South border, the place where more bombs have ever fallen in the whole history of humankind; an evocation of its tribal roots, the Ruc sub-ethnic group; as well as a reflection on fatherhood and empathy, and on the perception of human complexity through the eyes and the innocence of a little girl.

light Vietnam psychology