2016 | Switzerland | Lab Footage

Chameleon colour change (Suppl Movie S3)

  • 1 mins
  • Director | Michel Milinkovitch
  • Writer |
  • Producer |

Supplementary Movie 3:
In vivo colour change in a Furcifer pardalis (Panther Chameleon) adult male under excitation upon presentation of another adult male in its vision field. The original video is stabilised and accelerated 3 times. The first frame of the movie is shown in the upper-right for a better visualisation of the extend of colour change. Note that this male is dominated by the male in its vision field, hence, colour change is mild.

From the article "Photonic Crystals Cause Active Colour Change in Chameleons" by J. Teyssier, S.V. Saenko, D. van der Marel & M.C. Milinkovitch.
Nature Communications (2015).

Additional details available at: http://www.lanevol.org/LANE/chameleon...

For correspondence: Michel C. Milinkovitch, Laboratory of Artificial & Natural Evolution (LANE), Dept. of Genetics & Evolution, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

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