2018 | Czech Republic | Animation,Documentary,Experimental,Short

Buffer Zone Blues

  • 9 mins
  • Director | Franz Milec

This film is currently not available.   

The United States were at the brink of the Cold War. Because of their successful nuclear attacks during World War 2, they created the so-called strategy of mutually assured destruction. As part of the so-called strategy of mutually assured destruction, the US produced a list of over 2,000 nuclear targets in the Eastern Bloc, and the information was declassified only a couple of years ago. The list includes military bases and airports, but also targets that would have had an impact on millions of civilians.

Buffer Zone Blues is a short experimental film that visualizes the targets using hypnotic fragments of satellite imagery, formed by processing data from Google Maps API in Python, Nuke, and Unity3D Engine. The imagery creates an immersive, 3-dimensional effect of falling into a 2D plane, aided by the movement of light particles which appear and disappear in a rhythmic way.

nuclear data war disaster