2008 | USA | Documentary,Feature


  • English 81 mins
  • Director | Paul Devlin
  • Writer |
  • Producer | Paul Devlin, Claire Missanelli, Nick Fraser

This film is currently not available.   

Astrophysicist geeks and the scientifically-challenged alike, enjoy! Follow along on a hardcore, risk-filled, scientific adventure into the heart of the Big Bang. In the ongoing attempt to unlock the mysteries of the origins of the universe, an international team of ultra-adventurous astrophysicists, led by Dr. Mark Devlin, is aiming to launch a multi-million dollar telescope attached to the NASA high-altitude balloon. As the telescope and team travel from Kiruna, Sweden, deep into the Canadian North, and to Antarctica, BLAST! tells a human story – the daily frustrations, enormous sacrifices, catastrophic failures and transcendent triumphs – of scientific pursuit.

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