2020 | Germany | Documentary,Experimental,Feature

At the bottom of the sea

  • English 49 mins
  • Director | Karsten Krause
  • Writer | Dan Boehl, Karsten Krause
  • Producer | Frank Scheuffele

This film is currently not available.   

Spaces expand or disappear. Oceans become deserts. Rock erodes to sand and dust and human kind is passing by all this. Since the beginning of our existence, we are constantly moving from one place to another, fleeing hunger, war or the forces of nature, but also driven by a sense of longing for change. “At the Bottom of the Sea” traces forms of migration, interweaving them with geological and archaeological cartographies. In magical tableaux, the film draws a cinegraphic melancholy where a border fence is not even useful for a comma on earth’s timeline.

ocean spaces rocks humans geology nature sea migration geology environment human history landscape