2012 | USA | Fiction


  • English 22 mins
  • Director | Alexander Berman
  • Writer |
  • Producer | Edouard De Lachomette

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A quirky romantic comedy, APP follows Paul, a shy and brilliant app developer, as he desperately tries to get venture capital for his sexy virtual wingwoman invention from a sex-starved investor, Mike. To convince Mike to invest, Paul uses his app to seduce a feisty stranger, Zoey. As the app whispers advice, Paul becomes a hipster Don Juan and they grow closer through the night. But when Paul starts to feel a genuine connection, all his calculations become a little more complicated.

Directed and written by Alexander Berman. Produced by Edouard de Lachomette. Edited by Jeremy Lerman. Photographed by Edward Salerno Jr. Production design by Matthew Novak. Principal cast: Braden Lynch (as Paul), Sara Sanderson (Zoey), J.R. Cacia, Ashley Lambert.

App Computer Science
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