2016 | Portugal | Documentary,Experimental

An Aviation Field

  • Portuguese English 14 mins
  • Director | Joana Pimenta
  • Producer | Joao Matos

This film is currently not available.   

The newest work to emerge from Harvard’s groundbreaking Sensory Ethnography Lab – the collective behind documentaries like Leviathan, Sweetgrass and Manakamana – Joana Pimenta’s mesmerizing short film is a ghost story about buried cities, lost civilizations and Western colonialism.

Observing a volcanic crater opens up a narrative filled with allusions and intimations that create an imaginary city along the lines of the metropolis of Brasilia inside the Cape Verdean volcano Pico de Fogo. A projection of an urban plan creates a world of possible stories, while shots of the urban model take us on a walk along the geometry of the city where even the cloud cover has been calculated. 

volcano geology architecture urban simulation rat