2019 | France, Morocco |

Across the Moon

  • 12 mins
  • Director | Mounir Fatmi
  • Writer | -

This film is currently not available.   

"The story seems to reflect an innocence as much as manipulation, with the people having faith in what they “see” while also likely wanting to believe in something bigger than them, something hopeful, and there is real power to that hope."

In the childhood of Mounir Fatmir in Tangiers in the 1970s, one of the most rare cultural objects in his home was a black and white photographc of king Mohammed V, known by the Morrocans as the "Moon King." For a long time, he thought that this person in the photograph was a member of his family, until he started school where he learned the truth, and the incredible story of how this king came to power.

Durant l’enfance de mounir fatmi à Tanger dans les années 1970, l’un des rares objets culturels dans sa maison était une photo en noir et blanc du roi Mohammed V, connu des Marocains sous le nom de "roi lune". Pendant longtemps, il a pensé que cette personne sur la photo était un membre de sa famille, et ce n’est que quand il a commencé à aller à l’école qu’il a appris la vérité, mais aussi l’histoire légendaire de son accession au pouvoir

manipulation faith hopeful power people photograph truth story king Mohammed V