2014 | Switzerland | Experimental

Acid Science Underground

  • 17 mins
  • Director | Daniel Maszkovitch

This film is currently not available.   

Secluded scientist with a shifted sense of reality wanders through the undergrounds of a large experiment facility in search for answers.

This debut film was made with almost no budget by two engineers while working at the largest experimental facility in the world, CERN. The idea of shooting Acid Science Underground was initiated by a strong desire to maintain the memory of this huge undergound network under the buildings, supplying the whole facility with water, electricity and more. The actors are non-professionals, one of which is actually a real scientist. The atmosphere of the place perfectly fits the state of loneliness a scientist is facing when solving a problem or looking for a solution. The production was also done by non-professionals, but nevertheless passionate people with a real sense of aesthetic and technical skills which allowed a very original work on the image and the sounds.

Scientist Reality CERN Electricity Network Experiment
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