2008 | France | Documentary,Fiction,Experimental,Feature

A Virus in the City

  • French English 80 mins
  • Director | Cedric Venail
  • Writer | Cedric Venail
  • Producer | Cedric Venail

This film is currently not available.   

At the beginning of the 1990s, the french-israeli artist Absalon conceived a "life project" that was radically different from one's usual aspirations for a better life. To get his project underway he built six small Cells, six individual houses destined for world's big cities: Paris, Zurich, New York, Tel-Aviv, Frankfort...  Since Absalon's death, his Cells can be found in international museums where they no longer show their purpose, nor their effects. While listening to Absalon explaining his project during a slideshow in 1993, the film presents his houses and their locations. But what has happened since then? What remains of his project today? Between memories and projections, I wanted to see for myself. I found A virus in the city.

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