2020 | Czech Republic | Documentary,Feature

A New Shift

  • - - 2 mins
  • Director | Jindřich Andrš
  • Writer | Jindřich Andrš
  • Producer | Miloš Lochman, Augustína Micková

This film is currently not available.   

Tomas has been working underground as a coal miner for 25 years. When the mine has to close due to the general decline of coal mining, he is offered a new career as a computer programmer. He enrolls in a state-funded re-education programme, preparing him for one of the most in-demand jobs. Tomas takes up the challenge and gets ready to transform his life radically. But will a forty something long-haired, subterranean punk rocker who has spent his whole life performing hard physical labour ever fit in with the young and trendy digital crowd?

coal miner mining computer programmer underground mine physical punk rocker