2017 | Israel/USA | Documentary,Experimental,Short

The Sweet Stench of Sulfur

  • 9 mins
  • Director | Michelle Gevint

This film is currently not available.   

‘The Sweet Stench of Sulfur’ blends documentary, historical, and fictional elements by merging mythical and apocalyptic components into what seems like fragments of a dream. It examines human interaction with nature and how nature reclaims itself through natural disasters.

The film was shot at the Dead Sea where sinkholes are ‘swallowing’ man-made habitats due to evaporation and climate change. Although dangerous and unpredictable, there is beauty in these colorful pools which have been a mysterious source for new microbial life in an ecosystem infamous for its barren characteristics. The voice-over is based on an interview conducted with a geologist who was ‘swallowed’ by a sinkhole. Trapped inside a liminal space, he underwent psychological extremes from hope to despair. In a post-truth political era, where objective facts about global warming are mythicized, the film reflects on the uncertain through a scientific, metaphysical, and historical lens.

geology sinkhole history disaster scientist climate