2019 | Cuba | Documentary,Experimental,Short


  • 11 mins
  • Director | Maria Espinoza Stransky
  • Writer | Maria Espinoza Stransky
  • Producer | Maria Espinoza Stransky, Francisco Paz Valdez

Exploration between the characters and the filmmaker. A quest into a universal existential problem, how to inhabit the world. Members of a family leave their home and in the middle of the Cuban Sierra Maestra struggle to find a new one. During this process, they inhabit scenes of routine life in the middle of nature, outside of a closed space between four walls, place and concept they long and project. It concludes with the departure of the patriarch and the already palpable absence of a father with a dark gaze who dreams of going far away from his country in the pursuit of something different, becomes a reality. Contemplative meditation of internal torment.

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Maria Espinoza
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