Alexandra Gaulupeau January 16 2017

The Unusual Passion for the world's smallest dwellers: Land Snails


1. How did you come up with this topic for your film and in what circumstances did you meet your protagonist Marla Coppolino?

2. What is your fascination with "land snails" ? How did you go about filming snails especially the larger-than-life macro shots? There seems to be an almost surreal - almost world of the snails emphasized by also the score/music - part human-like, part monster.  Can you tell us a bit more about this process of creating the world of these otherworldly beings.

3. Maria is a scientist that does research and yet she also brings them into her dollhouses as dwellers. Can you tell us more about how you balance parts the scientific content (with jargon) with more of the artistic expression?

4. We go from a rather eerie score of the snails at first to the more grandiose orchestras of the snails "responding" to Maria' piano, cello. Tell us more about this parallel between music and movement / behavior of snails.

5. What is your hope with this film? A deeper appreciation for science, for the life of snails? Who is your target audience.

6. Tell us a bit about yourself and your interest in science filmmaking and filming animals? Do you have any references/influences (Jean Painleve's Science is Fiction or other films)


Interview conducted by Alexis Gambis, Artistic Director of Imagine Science Films

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