Christian Sardet February 10 2017

The Plankton Chronicles [Temp Title]


1. Do you have any other videos we can include of the actual videos on display in addition to the 1 min installation piece. We typically feature min. 3 videos at will be featured at top of Spotlight. It would be wonderful to actual get the videos featured on the screens in addition to the overall exhibit - and perhaps one from Christian Sardet?

2. Can you look this over and provide us with synopsis/credits for 1-min installation video. I wasn't sure if credits sent in email/doc were for the video itself or the installation (see link:

3. We would love to include text in the Spotlight?. Do you have a text you could provide explaining this work. I believe this may be a request from Christian Sardet. Text can discuss the artistic process, scientific issues/outreach behind, how did collaboration come about and where it was featured (Fondation Cartier)

4. We need a title and  a cover image. For cover image, we'd love to get the artists at work (Christian, Shiro  Ryuichi - team at KRYPTOGRAPHIE). See other spotlights as an example (

5. We need all the bios of artists involved and links (if any) to include at end of Spotlight

6. Can you resend all the images via WeTransfer. We received and downloaded them but since we are now in the Middle East for a festival, we didn't bring them with us. If you can resend, that would be most appreciated.


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