Yasmin Khan January 20 2017

Reimagining Arab Science Fiction


About Sindbad Sci-Fi

Sindbad Sci-Fi is Fi is a creative enquiry to discover the global interconnections of science fiction.

Many of us know and love Sindbad the sailor as the one of the fictional characters from One Thousand and One Nights, considered as being an early composite work of proto-science fiction and fantasy. His extraordinary voyages led him to adventures in strange lands whilst encountering mysterious creatures and supernatural phenomena.

Our aim is to revive Sindbad’s adventurous spirit for exploration and discovery.

We are on a mission to highlight the interrelationship between imagination and innovation whilst attempting to unravel the cultural intersections between science fiction and real technological developments in society.

Sindbad Sci-Fi has captured a growing community of interest through brokering face-to-face and online discussion, building new partnerships and project collaborations along the way.

The first phase of our evolving journey is to spur the discovery of and engagement with Arab Science Fiction. Join us as we continue star trekking across the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and beyond. Together, we will boldly go where no one else has gone before!

Interview Conducted by Alexis Gambis, Executive Director of Imagine Science Films

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