Maddie Maddison January 17 2017

Adding Film to the Biology Syllabus


Adding Film to the Biology Syllabus

While many high school science programs “teach to the test,” placing their focus on preparation for standardized exams, we propose a multi-disciplinary approach to education with a list of films to accompany biology curricula. These videos have been selected with key lessons in mind, addressing topics such as evolution, biodiversity, molecular growth and reproduction, dynamic homeostasis, information retrieval, transmission and response in living systems, and biological system interaction. The package includes lab footage, narratives, documentaries and experimental films, offering a range of entry-points for young learners to engage with the study of biology and develop critical thinking skills.

Evolution and Biodiversity

Beetle Bluffs

The Making of the Fittest: Natural Selection and Adaptation


Scientists Under the Microscope

Optogenetics - Light Gets on Your Nerves

The Fly Room

Genetically Modified Mosquitos


Growth, reproduction, dynamic homeostasis and interactions of biological systems


Arabidopsis thaliana

Scientists Under the Microscope

Twenty-One Percent

Optogenetics - Light Gets on Your Nerves

Failed Regeneration



How living systems store, retrieve, transmit and respond to essential information




Bottom Feeders


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