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Murine Montage
Alexis Gambis
Open Field Delirium Error
Nate Dorr
Kyoto Fruit Flies: Collection and Variation
Shigeyuki Yoshikawa
Wenting Zhu
Yeast Cell Growth Meets The Beatles
Andrej Ondracka, Bernie Langs
Finding a large space under a microscope at 100x
Nick Viana
Root Tip Regeneration in Arabidopsis
Ramin Rahni
Butterfly Wing Development in Culture (Painted Lady)
Nipam Patel, Ryan Null
Into the Cosmic Flower Garden
Coral Morphologic
Foraging, Feeding, and Mating: the life of the free-living nematode C. elegans
Du Cheng, Meghan Lockard
Andrea Rassell, Katharine Adcroft
Sally Warring
Smart Pattern
Dan Lloyd
Drosophila elegans courtship
Jon Massey 
Southern Blotting Yall
Andrés Mansisidor
The Cave
Mathieu Cavey, Justin Blau
Visualizing Crossing Fibers
Sjoerd Vos
Praying Mantis Research: Sexual Cannibalism and Reproduction
Phil Hastings
Chimps and Humans Play Interspecies Video Game
Rachel Mayeri
Primate Cinema: How to Act like an Animal
Rachel Mayeri