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Labocine is a singular, ever-evolving, hybrid streaming platform that showcases science in cinema in all its flavors, challenging stereotypes in scientific representation and celebrating diversity in form and content. Our goal is to create more synergy between scientists and artists, embracing to the fullest the traits of the Science New Wave, where scientific pursuit is free to co-exist and blend freely across disciplines and cultures. Habitat is a budding ecosystem bringing together artists, scientists and educators. It highlights the multi-trait approaches in how we create, inform and inspire. Create your Habitat profile, connect with other living organisms and take your part in celebrating diversity. Labocine curates monthly Issues, streams Live events with conversations, releases Spotlights articles and partners with organizations interested in science film programming through our Pro services. Through our Playlists feature, Labocine also keeps a pulse on the latest science-enriched film programming around the world, hosted by an array of organizations, including festivals, museums, conferences and universities. Our Spotlight articles provide a more in-depth look at our film content and creators. We're also building one of the most comprehensive databases of moving images and scientific data in our pilot initiative Scenes. Sign-up today and access our monthly Issues and search through our treasure trove of over 3,000 films. Create your own Playlists and share them with colleagues, friends and family. From documentary to fiction to data, we hope to always challenge the way you understand, interpret and appreciate scientific ideas and perspectives



Human Physiology

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Infectious Diseases

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39 films

Scenes: Capturing Scientific Data on Camera

9 films

Water: Rights & Resources

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Energy Geographers

15 films

Matter, elements, and atoms

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Stars, galaxies and the universe

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My Mind's Eye Series

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Weekly Picks

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