As Above, So Below

  • Jul 1 - Jul 2, 2021
  • Arabic, English 70 mins
  • Director | Sarah Francis
  • Writer | Sarah Francis
  • Producer | Sarah Francis

A group of people roams in a bare landscape around a set of swings as their only settlement, as if mapping, exploring, reorganizing the open territory they are in. As they move, changes in soundscapes make them virtually cross geographies. In the sky, a moon-like satellite roves above their heads, following them like an omen. The moon, once symbolizing cyclical times, myths and new beginnings, is now the satellite waiting to be conquered and colonized. Reality and fantasy intertwine in an existential quest. Is a new beginning really possible? As below, so above.

Watch the Interview with filmmaker Sarah Francis moderated by programming consultant Özge Calafato as part of the 13th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival.

Courtesy of mec film.
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Sarah Francis
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