Renata Padovan

visual artist, filmmaker, activist

São Paulo, BR

forests rivers ecology climate crisis environmental collapse deforestation environmental refugees

Through my work I create poetic channels of communication, bringing light to issues related to land occupation and their political, social and cultural results. Recently, the majority of my work has been based upon research pertaining to the devastation of ecosystems and their socio-economic consequences. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling regularly to the Amazonas region, learning from local peoples and researching about land occupation and deforestation. I’ve done works related to illegal timber extraction and farming, illegal gold prospecting and the construction of hydroelectric power plants such as Balbina in the state of Amazonas, and Belo Monte, in Para, responsible for flooding large areas of forest, for the complete alteration of river courses and systems, and the dislocation of traditional communities who lost their land, their history and their dignity. To produce my work I use different media including drawing, photography, sculpture, site-specific interventions, sound and video, chosen specifically to meet the requirements of each project.


De gado, florestas e homens (Of cattle, forests and men)


De ouro, rios e gente (Of gold, rivers and people)


5 mulheres e um rio


Reflections from quarantine