Molly Murphy

animator filmmaker

Los Angeles, US


Molly Murphy is an animator filmmaker based in Los Angeles. By day, she works as a lead animator for Everyday Speech making kids educational videos related to meditation and social emotional learning. By night, she makes indie films.

Many of her films center around scientific subjects. She comes to Labocine and the Imagine Science festival with her short animation A HOLE (2020). Awarded a Sloan Grant in 2018, the film is about a billionaire and surfer responding to a black hole apocalypse in different ways. Advised by esteemed astro-physicist and graphic novelist, Clifford V. Johnson, the film had its premiere at Palm Springs Shortfest in 2020.

Recently, Molly completed a documentary animation about the late Steven Weinberg called DREAMER OF A FINAL THEORY (2021). The film was commissioned by the Breakthrough Prize Foundation.

In addition to films about physics, she has also spent the last few years working closely with a group of oceanographers. In 2017 she joined the team out to sea as an unofficial resident animator, making films and diagrams related to their research on carbon cycles. She is currently writing narration for a short film directed by indie animator Jeron Braxton. The film is about the latest research cruise the team went out on and introduces some of the carbon removal technologies they are developing...