Jody Oberfelder

choreographer, filmmaker, director

Bay Shore, US

neuroscience dance neurons film somatics

Jody Oberfelder is a director, choreographer, and filmmaker, creating visceral experiences for audiences both onstage and in alternative sites. Focused on elements which link humans to one another, her work successfully maps internal dialogues and initiates opportunities for audiences to insert themselves into contemporary dance in a fun and accessible way, tapping into the tangible and visceral experiences presented by the movement. Through Oberfelder’s raw, athletically expressive, and personal movement vocabulary, methodology and creative process, she attempts to portray and illuminate connectivity to one’s own mind and to others. Oberfelder is interested in what it means to be present, affected by the environment, and to forge deeper connections. Her work has been shown internationally including St. Pancras Station (International Nanotechnology Summit, Museu dos Biskenínhos (Bara, Portugal), NoD (Prague), Gallus Theater (Frankfurt), Guelph Dance Festival (Canada), New York Live Arts PS 122, 92 Y, Dixon Place, Lincoln Center, and others. Her most recent project, “Walking to Present” (May 11-13, 20223) is commissioned by DANCE München Festival.


Dance of the Neurons




The Brain Piece (excerpts)