Hashim Hayat

software engineer

Dubai, AE

building commercial technologies production development software engineering artificial intelligence management startups

Hashim Hayat is a computer scientist and mathematician who is passionate about solving business problems through technology backed products. Hashim’s background lies within the areas of advanced systems and architectures for mobile and backend technologies, AI, and startup ventures. In his career, Hashim has engineered various technology solutions that are adding value to the lives of hundreds of thousands of users across the close. After graduating from New York University with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, Hashim worked in the technology industry to learn and solve real-life challenges in the areas of mobility, public health, health insurance, and education. Later, he joint the CITIES lab at NYU Abu Dhabi to contribute towards the various research areas that impact urban livelihood; he mainly focuses on building advanced health care systems by utilizing advance artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. One of his ongoing initiatives includes building a state of the art tool to assist medical experts within intensive care units or during times of crisis by providing evidence-based recommendations for treatments and medical tests for patients. Hashim has a strong grasp on various tools and technologies such as high performing native and cross-platform mobile platforms with flutter, building REST APIs using nodeJS, spring and go, developing highly scalable solutions with cloud-based serverless architectures, real-time data communication, Kubernetes, and Kafka to name a few. Some of his recent work includes building a SaaS platform for education with a B2B and B2C subscription models, advanced ACL, and automated lead generation and conversion system which helped the underlying company expand its userbase and revenue. With a deep interest in entrepreneurship, Hashim launched multiple ventures across the mobility, education, and consulting sectors where he played an important role in developing the team, business, and technology. Hashim is also the founder and a senior partner of Walturn LLC, a boutique Product and Technology consulting agency based in New York, US. At Walturn, he has built a remarkable team of technologists and consultants with a strong clientele. The products and services developed by Hashim and his team have added value to organizations such as Google, Hamilton Musical, NYU College of Dentistry, Harvard University, Museum of Art and History NY, etc. He and his team are also building tools and technologies for governments in the area of food securities. Hashim was also a co-founder of a Dubai Expo2020 backed carpooling platform, Wheels Carpool. Hashim personally enjoys experiencing various forms of art and exploring different areas of scientific research. Consequently, Hashim is closely involved with labocine.com, an initiative to promote scientific research through the production and curation of film and art. Hashim stays on top of the recent advancements in the field of technology through a process of constant research and development, attending conferencing, learning from his peers, and growing his network.