Fatima Alaydaroos

researcher, scientist

Dubai, AE


Dr. Alaydaroos working as Space Science Expert at the UAE Space Agency. She is primarily responsible for managing the space science and technology section and harmonizing these across the UAE space sector as whole, through the Emirates Space Science and Innovation Group (ESIG) which was setup by the Agency.
She is tasked to promoting the development of space science and technology in the UAE by ensuring that the science and technology space programs being proposed are aligned with the UAE space policy, strategy and science, technology and Innovation (ST&I) roadmap. She is actively involved in raising awareness in the space science through a number of outreach activities across different level of the UAE community. She is also member of the Emirate mars mission science team and the project manager of a number of R&D space projects. She also appointed as the Chief executive for happiness and wellbeing in the agency to enhance the culture of happiness and positivity.
Prior to her enrolment in the agency she has a long years of experience. She was appointed as a chairman of the National Committee for air quality and Noise when she was working for the National Center for Meteorology and Seismology. Before that she was working as Environmental expertise in Abu Dhabi Municipality and contributed to a number of sustainability projects.
Dr. Alaydaroos has received many awards for scientific excellence, including: Top Award of the 4th Annual Research Conference - UAE University-2002, as well as Sheikh Rashid Prize for Academic Excellence in 2003 and 2013. Dr. Alaydaroos participated in a number of international conferences presented work on tropospheric pollutants and health impacts.
She has skills which are adaptable, organized and dynamic in a working environment as well as enthusiastic and eloquent and are blessed with self-control and leadership attributes. Respect for commitments, ambition and sense of service are her aspirations and values which encourage her forward.


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