Kiki Sanford

science communicator, scientist

California, US


I’ve been interested in science for as long as I can remember, but it was somewhere in the middle of graduate school that I realized I didn’t want to be a scientist for the rest of my life. Somebody could have told me that a little earlier! But, nevertheless, the journey I have been on that allowed me such a realization also helped me to recognize that I am good at teaching, and that my experience in science research enhances my capacity for helping others to understand it. I want to help inform people about science and the important place it holds in our society. So, I have decided to become a science journalist and media personality, and in doing so infiltrate print, broadcast, and internet mediums with science.  

In 1999, I started a radio show called This Week in Science with a good friend. The friend has since moved on to different pastures, but I have maintained the program and brought it to more people than ever before by turning it into a podcast in 2005. I have even more plans in store for this little radio show. Can you say video-cast?

 In 2006, I worked at WNBC-TV in NYC as a producer for the medical/health reporter, Dr. Max Gomez. TV is quite a different world from radio, but my whistle is whetted. I’m currently pursuing the many various science video programming employment options.  I started this blog as well, so that I could practice and sharpen my writing skills, and share my thoughts with others.  I received my PhD in Physiology with an emphasis in neurophysiology in December of 2006 from UC Davis. My area of specialization is avian learning and memory, and my dissertation topic was on spatial memory in non-storing songbirds. Don’t tell me any jokes about bird brains, please. I have heard them all.  In my spare time, I also study tae-kwon-do, and received my black-belt in 2005. When I’m not kicking or looking at brains, I enjoy hula hooping to dance music turned up loud. Occasionally, I will even add fire to the mix with my extra-special fire hoop. I am a multi-year veteran of Burning Man, and will most likely be making the annual pilgrimage to the desert again this year.