Pierre Baussaron


Paris, FR

animation production art gallery distribution planets

Founded in May 2009 by Emmanuel-Alain Raynal, joined in 2015 by Pierre Baussaron, Miyu Productions is an audiovisual production company specialized in animation that produces short films and documentaries, series and feature films.

Since its creation, the company has had a demanding editorial line on the projects it develops, favoring above all projects with a strong artistic commitment. Miyu Productions has thus built over the years the image of an animation studio demanding by its artistic line and its commitment, particularly by its productions of short animated films, several of which have been recognized and awarded in the biggest festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Locarno, Venice, Annecy, Clermont-Ferrand...), as well as its projects of singular feature films in the landscape of the contemporary production. The company today has a portfolio of ten feature films, twenty-five shorts and several audiovisual series and TV specials, and has 4 studios: in Paris, in Valence, Angoulême and Arles.

In particular, Miyu is currently producing Planets, an animated feature that tells the story of Dendelion, Baraban, Léonto and Taraxa, four dandelion achenes rescued from nuclear explosions that destroyed the Earth, who find themselves projected into the cosmos. After landing on an unknown planet, they start searching for a suitable soil to perpetuate their species. But they will have to overcome the elements, the fauna, the flora and the changing climate. 

By partnering in 2017 with Luce Grosjean, Miyu launched Miyu Distribution. Specialized in international sales and distribution of animated shorts, it distributes graduation films from major animation schools such as Gobelins, EnsAD, The Animation Workshop or the Royal College of Art, as well as films from independent production companies. The companý has already accompanied 5 short films to an Oscar nomination and its films have been selected and awarded in the biggest festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Locarno, Berlin, Annecy, Sundance, Toronto, Rotterdam... This year, Bestia by Hugo Covarrubias was nominated for the Oscar for best animated short film. Since 2021, the companý has embarked on the international sale of feature films with Archipelago by Felix Dufour-Laperrière (Rotterdam, Annecy) and Dozens of Norths, the first feature film by the great master of Japanese animation Koji Yamamura.

In line with its editorial line, Miyu opened in April 2022 at 101 rue du Temple in Paris, the first art gallery in the world dedicated to the arts and techniques of animation and wants to be a bridge between animation artists and contemporary artists. The objective is twofold: to offer a space to promote the plastic work of animation filmmakers, and to include animated techniques in the history of contemporary art at a time when more and more visual artists are seizing the possibilities offered by these techniques in their work. The gallery is also intended to be open to all and will be a place of creation and meeting for artists in the field of contemporary creation who would like to use animation techniques for their work through support in production and exhibition. 

Miyu thus becomes a global label to promote and reflect the talent of the world’s animation filmmakers.