Michael Shiloh

interactive media engineer

Abu Dhabi, AE

engineering art and technology arduino

Hardware and software engineering, embedded systems design, device drivers, Linux, Open Source, teaching, electronics, fabrication, welding, building gadgets, tinkering, making, art and technology, Arduino.

Currently, my emphasis is on teaching people how to build electrical, mechanical, and electronic contraptions, not necessarily functional (art). As such I'm heavily involved in the DIY or so-called "maker" movement.

I believe that everyone can make things, that anyone can become a maker. When I build a robot, or a piece of art, or a contraption to demonstrate a certain electro-mechanical principle, my construction style is such that people will look at my creations and think " I could make that ".

I am a strong proponent of free and open-source software and have participated in and continue to participate in a number of such projects.

As technology for manufacturing improves and becomes more accessible to smaller firms and even individuals, the economics, justification, and reasons for making things must be re-examined. I'm very interested in how low-volume manufacturing and rapid prototyping allows us to reconsider the reasons we make things

I think underlying principles in all of my work are the sharing of knowledge and an ethical approach to resource utilization.

Specialties: Teaching, debugging, understanding what people are trying to do, suggesting creative solutions to difficult problems, explaining complicated things in simple ways, motivating people to turn off their laptops and to turn on their soldering irons, Arduino training, and consulting.