Markos Kay

multidisciplinary artist, illustrator, designer

London, GB


Multidisciplinary artist, illustrator and designer with a focus in art & science and digital abstraction.

Markos Kay (née Christodoulou) (UK/CY) is a multidisciplinary artist best known for his art & science explorations in the artificial life video art experiment aDiatomea (2008), first exhibited at Ernst Haeckel's Phyletic Museum, the generative short film The Flow (2011) and the series of moving image paintings Quantum Fluctuations (2016). His art and design practice ranges from screen-based media, moving image, painting and print and has been featured worldwide in museums, exhibitions, film festivals and art publications.

His work can be described as an ongoing exploration of digital abstraction through a series of experiments using generative methods. These experiments explore the emergence of the digital sublime through the intensities of the virtual and the relationship between epistemology and simulation.

For more than a decade working as a designer and creative director he has created moving image and illustration work for organizations that include: Belfast City Council, European Parliament, Howard Hughes Medical institute, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Simons Foundation, National Hemophilia Foundation and Playgrounds Design Festival. He has also worked for commercial clients such as: Apple, Fox, Disney, Nike, Adidas, Maserati, Ford, MTV, Nvidia, BBC, Vimeo and Channel 4.

In 2015, Kay started an experimental art lab with the aim to explore the intersections of the digital and the physical through textiles, ceramics, and sculpture.

In 2017 he became disabled due to a chronic neuroimmune disease known as ME/CFS. He continues to create art, scientific illustrations and moving image works within the limits of his disability and in 2020 started publishing his personal sketchbook work developed while bedbound.


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The Flow


Quantum Fluctuations


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