Lupita Peckinpah

costume designer



Lupita Peckinpah lives in Mexico,City and works on projects between Mexico, USA and Europe. Her last projects are Peckinpah Suite, directed by Pedro Gonzalez, produced by TCM Spain, France and USA. She was the Production Designer on Son of Monarchs, directed by Alexis Gambis and produced by Labocine and Phoneix Films. NY/Michoacan/Mexico.

She has collaborated wide range of directors, notably Jaume Collet Serra, Tony Kaye, Alexis Gambis, Julian Schnabel, Jared Hess, Tony Scott,  Martin Campbell, Stefano Sollima. She worked closely with a number of actors, including Sean Penn, Javier Bardem, Johnny Depp, Jack Black, Peter Coyote, Mickey Rourke, Christopher Walken, Tenoch Huerta, Noe Hernandez, and Lazaro Gabino Rodriguez. Her work has been affiliated with production companies like Partizan, Nickelodeon, Gorgeous Enterprises UK, Labocine, Phoenix Films, Dark Factory, Redrum,Cattleya, Paramount, Universal, Warner and Netflix.


Starting a new project is working with an empty canvas. 
I get to take the story, someone else vision, and bring life to it.
With my experience and by using my creativity,my heart,my feelings,my eye,my hands, I access to the world of the costumes and it's history, creating pieces of art.

Shapes and colours become textures and silhouettes,turning ideas into tangible objects.

For me my inspiration comes from my experiences along the way, the universe,nature,my mother, my daughter, my father,the people I have met. 
The past, the present, the future.


Son of Monarchs (Hijo de Monarcas)