Ieva Lygnugarytė


New York, US




Ieva Lygnugarytė (1998) is a transdisciplinary artist whose broad spectrum of work involves video, painting and installation. Artist Statement “Human experience is abstract and unlimitedly intersected with social, cultural and biological factors. Color, angle of motion, sense of time, absurdism, tension, vulnerability of a human ego, sexuality and fragility are some of the main themes that are widely explored in my artistic practice. These experiences are drawn from the understanding of time as a child, and as an adult, in a state of boredom versus a state of panic, absurdity or deep sorrow - and, sometimes, all at once. When it comes to aesthetics, the lack of it is what draws my attention the most - analyzing the visual manipulation and the context of what is required to be mentioned in national, and other, documents, is something that I like to deconstruct, question, and expand into different forms of body. I prioritize conceptual development which then usually takes forms in video installations, text and sculptural practice. My work is intimate and confessional yet raises social, cultural and feminist issues. However, the aspects of these natural and political themes which I try to portray are the ones on the relationship between objects, subjects and phenomenons, rather than the isolated bodies themselves.”