2014 | United States | Documentary

The Science of Cinema

  • English 7 mins
  • Director | Colin Stringer

Some people say that analog film is a dying technology. A relic of Hollywood past that is all but relegated to museums, and aging archives, awaiting digitization. But Steve Cossman, founder and director of Mono No Aware, a non-profit cinema arts institute in Brooklyn, New York, believes that analog filmmaking has a certain magic and that through the processes of hand developing, cutting, and projecting film, analog invokes a unique experience that should be valued in this increasingly digital and virtual age. Steve takes us through the sciences and arts of capturing, developing, editing, and screening film and gives us a sneak peek of one of Mono No Aware's 16mm filmmaking workshops. Thanks very much to Mono No Aware, Steve Cossman, and all the workshop students who allowed us to film them hard at work.

film technology history celluloid analog
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