2018 | UK, South Korea | Animation,Fiction,Experimental,Short

Seoul Machine City

  • Korean English 8 mins
  • Director | Liam Young
  • Writer | Mitsuku Chatbot

This film is currently not available.   

Based around the 20’s avante garde cinema genre of the City Symphony, Seoul City Machine is a filmic poem for the urban landscape of tomorrow. The film is a portrait of a city where machines and technology are now the dominant inhabitants of space. Our guide to the city is the disembodied voice of its urban operating system software. Scripted and narrated by an AI chatbot the city machine voices its own creation story and explains itself to the citizens it affectionately manages.

The film is an abstract sequence of vignettes, fragments and moments of a future Seoul, a city in which all of the hopes and dreams, fears and wonders of emerging technologies have come true. Using contemporary Seoul as a visual backdrop the present day city is overlaid with cinematic visual effects to depict an autonomous world of machines world where the sky is filled with drones, cars are driverless, the street is draped in augmented reality and everyone is connected to everything.

Sci-fi Drone Future AI Data Economics City
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