1982 | Spain | Documentary,Series

Ramón y Cajal: A Story About Will Power - Episode 1 (of 9)

  • Spanish 54 mins
  • Director | José María Forqué

This film is currently not available.   

Biography of Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Spanish scientist known for his prowess and discoveries in the field of History. He was awarded multiple prizes, notably the Moscow Prize (1900) and the Nobel Prize in Medicine (1906). Ramón y Cajal at 80 years old remembers his life from his apartment on Alfonso XII street, where he spent his last years. His origins, birth in Petilla in Aragón (Navarra), y his stays in various towns in Aragon - Valpalmas and Luna. We travel to his childhood, learn about his relationship with his parents and his academic journey. Bachelor's degree en Escolapios de Jaca, followed later by his studies at the Huesca Institute. In his teenage years, his first interest in painting and numerous gigs, as assistant in a barber's shop and shoestore. Ultimately, his father, village doctor, decides to initiate him to the world of Medicine.

In this first chapter is the story of Santiago's birth in Petilla, Aragón (Navarra) y his first days through Aragon towns and villages.

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