2021 | United States | Documentary,Series

My Mind's Eye - Hippocampus Rhythms: An Interview with György Buzsáki

  • English 11 mins
  • Director | Alexis Gambis

In this episode, we head to NYU Langone Institute of Neuroscienceto to speak to neuroscientist  György Buzsáki.  Our topics will include hippocampus, rhythms, archery, prediction of the future, sleep and dreams.

My Mind's Eye is a series of interviews about topics such as the mind-body problem, free will, memory, emotion, and on and on, each themed with a song from the rock band, The Amygdaloids. My Mind's Eye is hosted by NYU neuroscientist, Joseph LeDoux, and directed by Alexis Gambis.


Sleep Dreams Future Hippocampus Mind