2012 | France | Documentary


  • French English 19 mins
  • Director | Lia Giraud
  • Writer | Lia Giraud
  • Producer | ENSAD, PSL

This film is currently not available.   

This documentary, made between 2010 and 2012, is an exploration into the heart of what is visible, of the image and what hides inside it. In other words, it explores everything that is invisible to us. In the film, you will encounter two characters: an artist and a physician, both on a quest to find what is real. Each of them, through their own unique ways of seeing the world and respective experiences, seek to understand the world around them. Nir Navon uses lasers to trap and try to control a cloud of atoms, while Quentin Brejon revisits the camera obscura, ancestor of all photographic devices. Despite their opposite approaches, both confront the mysterious qualities of light. Through this, they discover the hidden and foreign face of reality, which make all forms of representation and observation impossible. What does an image become if it turns out to be nothing more than a projection of the imagination? And, if our perception of the world modifies reality, what can we ultimately trust? Is the artist's imagination the only true way to understand quantic theory? Can these concepts explain the indescribable truth we often find in art? InVisible evokes the possibility of a more faithful representation of reality at the limits between scientific rationality and artistic sensitivity.

invisible artist art physician physics atom camera light
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