2020 | France | Documentary,Experimental,Lab Footage,Short

Camera insectorum - la chambre à insectes (Camera insectorum - the insect chamber)

  • none none 7 mins
  • Director | Jean-François Reverdy
  • Writer | Jean-François Reverdy
  • Producer | Jean-François Reverdy

This film is currently not available.   

The title of the film is an evocation of the first entomology book of the XVII century, "Theatrum insectorum". In this book Thomas Moffet exposed insects as entities, each of which deserves to be examined. Here, the theater becomes a chamber, precisely that of the camera where life took place. Where does this mysterious presence come from inside my camera? How is it possible? She seems drawn to the light. Is this the condition of his presence? Camera insectorum is a short poem celebrating the evanescence of light and life.

pinhole insect bee camera photography photogram poem light
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