2016 | United States | Lab Footage

Butterfly Metamorphosis - Wing development (Fast)

  • 1 mins
  • Director | Aaron Pomerantz, Damien Gailly, Rachel Thaye, Nipam Patel

Pupal development of a Buckeye butterfly (Junonia coenia). The movie was taken by Aaron Pomerantz and Damien Gailly. Pupae of "blue" Buckeye provided by Rachel Thayer. During the larval stage, one of the forewing disks was surgically removed using a procedure developed by Julian Kimura and Ryan Null during the Marine Biological Laboratory Embryology Course. This results in a pupa that is missing not just the forewing, but also the region of the pupal case that would be covering the forewing. This leave the hindwing exposed. This time-lapse, which spans 8 days, begins just as the pupa forms and ends just as the adult butterfly is prepared to emerge. During that period, you can see the tracheal system form in the hindwing, scales grow, and both structural and pigment colors appear. The original posting of this video was 1 minute 34 seconds, but this one is speeded up to just 20 seconds.